HDB - The Ultimate in Hunting Bullets

The goal of the development of the HDB projectile clearly was the combination of an exceedingly flat trajectory an high down-range velocity in a low-mass bullet. The HDB, consequently, comes in a pure copper construction, featuring a deep extending expansion cavity in the tip with an aluminum plug in it acting as a deformation starter. Therefore, in a soft target the HDB dependably expands without de facto any loss of its mass.

As far as penetration capability is concerned, thanks to its constant mass the HDB will evidently outperform any conventional soft point bullet. This will be true for even the heavy weight kinds. Resulting from its high impact velocity, the HDB is characterized by a rapid course of energy transfer an thus by a remarkable high of effectiveness. So in some cases, when fired from a standard power cartridge, one will find the HDB doing its deadly job as safe as from a magnum - but without such uncomfortable phenomenons like exceptionally muzzle flash, extreme recoil, or enormous report. With this in mind, by employing the HDB the handloader got the possibility of creating his own "light magnum" based on a conventional standard cartridge.

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